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If you are a game developer then you will know how important it is to ensure that the lifetime of your game is as long as possible. One of the proven methods of extending a games lifespan is to add the ability to mod the game, which allows the community to extend and customize the games content. uMod 2.0 is a system that allows you to do just that.


uMod 2.0 is a complete modding solution for the Unity game engine and makes it quick and painless to add mod support to your game. Modders are able to extend to and modify gameplay by creating mods with assets, scripts and even entire scenes, all within the Unity editor. The uMod 2.0 Exporter means that modders are able to use the intuitive user interface of the Unity Editor to create their content and then export to mod format in a single click.


uMod 2.0 is the second generation of uMod and has been redesigned from the ground up with three things in mind:

Ease of use

We want people of any skill level to be able to add modding support to their games as we believe modding support can extend a games lifetime dramatically, allowing the community to enjoy it for years to come.


To achieve this we have exposed a simple but powerful API to the user to quickly access the power of uMod with very little required coding. We also offer a dedicated wiki and scripting guide for more advanced areas


One of the main issues with modding support is the unknown performance factors introduced both at runtime and load time.


Modders are essentially able to create massive content to add to the game which may be poorly optimized or inefficient.


uMod 2.0 aims to address these problems by adopting a new and more optimized file format to enable reduced loading times significantly.


uMod 2.0 brings a whole new array of possibilities to the developer in the form of customization.


Developers can now create their own exporter interface if they desire which makes use of the uMod build pipeline to export modded content. This allows developers to provide an interface that is more in tune with the game.


Developers are now able to create their own custom mod tools package that allows developers to include custom data in mods.


uMod 2.0 is bigger and better than its predecessor and comes loaded with functionality making it simple to add mod support to your game without limiting the possibilities. Here are a few of its most impressive features:


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