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UMod.Debugging Namespace
Public classDefaultDebugDisplay Obsolete.
The default display method used for showing mod runtime errors. You can implement your own display method by implementing the IDebugDisplay interface.
Public classModDebug Obsolete.
Debug class used by uMod to display runtime errors to the modder via the default display method.
Public classModDebugHandler
A ModDebugHandler is a dedicated log handler which is associated with a ModHost and can be used to log messages in a mod specific context. You are also able to register any number of log receivers to handle how the logged data is used.
Public classModRuntimeError Obsolete.
Represents an error that has been generated by the runtime virtual machine for a specific mod host.
Public classRuntimeErrorFeed Obsolete.
The error feed used to send non-critical errors to the developer.
Public structureModDebugLogMessage
Represents a message that has been logged by a ModDebugHandler.
Public interfaceIDebugDisplay Obsolete.
Interface used to display mod runtime errors inside a game debug view so that modders can see any issues with their code.
Public interfaceIModDebugReceiver
This interface should be implemented when a custom log handler is required. Use AddReceiver(IModDebugReceiver) to register the implementation with a DebugHandler.
Public enumerationErrorSeverity Obsolete.
An enum value representing the severity of an error.
Public enumerationModDebugLogType
An enum value representing the type of log message.