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UMod Namespace

Public classInvalidModDirectoryException
Exception thrown while accessing invalid mod directories.
Public classInvalidModPathException
Exception thrown when a mod path is not valid.
Public classMod
Mod class that allows developers to trigger messages that get sent to the mod as well as access running mod hosts. See also the ModBehaviour component for mono behaviour functionality with added mod events and methods.
Public classModArchiveException
Exception that is thrown when a mod file cannot be loaded.
Public classModAssets
Allows developers to request assets loads from any running mod host. Allows pre-compiled mod assets to be loaded at runtime for any running ModHost that contains an asset with the specified name.
Public classModAsyncOperation
An awaitable object that is returned by async operations so you can wait for completion in a coroutine as well as access progress and status information.
Public classModAsyncOperationT
An awaitable object that is returned by async operations so you can wait for completion in a coroutine as well as access progress and status information.
Public classModBehaviour
The mod behaviour class is a substitue for the mono behaviour class that provides additional information to the developer. By default all public members of the inheriting class will be exposed to modders. The developer must inherit from this class if they want to support inheritance.
Public classModCommandLine
Responsible for accessing and parsing the applications command line in order to locate the specified command line token. Allows support for command line launching from the UMod Exporter for quick mod testing.
Public classModDirectory
Helper class used to manage a local directory where mods are located. Helps developers to manage a specific directory where mods should be installed.
Public classModExposedAttribute
Public classModHost
The main mod component that provides access to loading and running a user created mod.
Public classModLoadException
An exception that is thrown when there is a mod loading error.
Public classModLoadResult
Contains useful error information for a mod load attempts.
Public classModNotActivatedException
Exception thrown when invalid calls are made to the API when a mod has been loaded but noy yet activated.
Public classModNotLoadedException
Exception thrown when invalid calls are made t the API when a mod has not been loaded.
Public classModNotSupportedException
Exception thrown when a requested feature is not supported.
Public classModScript
Provides a base class for modded scripts that allows access to the uMod API. Modders should inherit from this class when they require access to the uMod API but do not need the behaviour of the MonoBehaviour component. See also ModScriptBehaviour for identical functionality with MonoBehaviour base class.
Public classModScriptBehaviour
Provides the same functionality as the mono behaviour class but adds access to the modding interface for ease of use. Provides similar functionality to the ModScript class but also inherits from MonoBehaviour. Modders should inherit from this class to access the uMod API.
Public classModSecurityException
Exception thrown when host security is breached.
Public classUModVersion
Used to access the current version of uMod.
Public interfaceIGameAsset
Public interfaceIGameAssets
Public interfaceIMod
Basic interface for the UMod api and allows for mod events to raised. Most mod scripts should inherit this class.
Public interfaceIModAsset
Represents an asset included in a mod.
Public interfaceIModAssetInfo
Represents common asset data for assets included in a mod
Public interfaceIModAssets
Interface exposed to the modder for loading content from the mod package. Modders should make use of this interface where the mod type includes asset prefabs.
Public interfaceIModAssetsIndexT
Public interfaceIModDebug
Public interfaceIModHost
The base interface for requesting actions from modded content. This interface is passed to the IMod interface when 'onModLoaded' is called.
Public interfaceIModInfo
Interface exposed to the developer.
Public interfaceIModNameInfo
Represents mod name information including the mod version.
Public interfaceIModPersistentData
Allows primitive data types to be stored persistently inbetween mod loads. This is useful if the mod needs to store settings or other persistent information. Most games will disallow access to System.IO by default and as a result this interface is usually the only way to create persistent data. The interface is designed to mimic Unity's PlayerPres class as close as possible with a couple of extra features.
Public interfaceIModReference
Represents a reference to another mod that the current mod depends upon.
Public interfaceIModReferences
Represents references to other mods that this mod depends upon.
Public interfaceIModScene
Represents a special scene asset included in a mod.
Public interfaceIModScenes
Interface exposed to the modder for loading scene content from the mod package. Modders may want to make use of this interface if their mod contains scene assets.
Public interfaceIModSecurity
Get the security polivy for the mod.
Public enumerationModDirectoryModInstallResult
Public enumerationModLoadError
Used to indicate the type of error that occurred while loading a mod
Public enumerationModLoadStatus
Used to indicate the current loading state of the mod host